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Oily Scalp, Dry Ends — The Saga Stops Here

Your scalp is made up of oil glands and your ends are the oldest hairs on your head. So this oily scalp x dry ends thing makes perfect sense. Let’s chitchat:
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Protect Your Hair While You Sleep: 3 Easy Tips That Aren’t Annoying

It’s super important to protect your hair while you sleep. Through the night, our strands are rubbing against our pillowcase for hours — if our hair is down, this can cause friction, knotting, matting and breakage. Bedhead is sexy and all, but it’s definitely not doing anything to preserve hair health.
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When It Comes to Your Hair, Use Superfoods Instead of Sulfates and Silicones

When hair products contain superfood extracts, oils and butters, they’re more likely to work on you and on everyone. When formulas are made with conventional, harsh chemicals, like sulfates and silicones, they probably won’t work for all of us — here’s why:

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