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Tis The Season For Making Memories In Your Hair Mask

by SAMANTHA DENIS November 20, 2023

Tis the season for making memories in your hair mask

Adding something to the tradition list is what I’m all about. Let’s talk hair-mask-stuff, and then we’ll talk holiday moments and memory-making with Juice Drench. This is a fun one…! 

Think of it this way — if your hair isn’t done, and it’s up anyway, it’s probablyyyyy a good idea to throw a hair mask in it! But not just any hair mask…

Our hair mask, Juice Drench, was purposefully formulated to be gentle enough to leave on anytime, anywhere. These are some of the things I said to our chemists —

It needs to be free-of every. single. gross. chemical. imaginable. This is soaking on someone’s hair — it needs to be the cleanest hair mask ever. 

I need everyone to get excited about using it. Hair masks are a whole chore, this has to be THE most convenient hair mask ever. No one wants to wait around in the shower for 15 minutes, right? 

This has to do way more than just “repair” someone’s hair, and has to go way beyond softening and adding shine. Juice Drench will help repair your hair, will soften, will add shine, but the magic is that it won’t take away all your natural shape and beauty. It will bring out shape you didn’t even realize you had — and will truly bring out the best version of your natural hair. 

It really comes down to this — hair masks are SUCH an important part of a healthy hair routine. But, they're either annoying to use because you have to wait for them to work in the shower, or they work in 3 minutes because they are loaded with harsh, conventional, toxic chemicals that will probably leave your hair shedding or even more damaged after a few months of using. 

Juice Drench is gentle and transformative. It’s 99% plant- and water-based and is free-of silicones, synthetic fragrance, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and a LONG list of other harsh chemicals. So you can leave it on, do your day, and rinse later — all without worrying about what the heck is soaking on your hair, and without it leaving a greasy coating behind. 

So what does a hair mask have to do with the holidays? Wait, everything! Because Juice Drench is the anytime, anywhere hair mask, you’re going to apply it and leave it on while you prep for Thanksgiving, shop the Black Friday Sales, watch Home Alone, wrap presents, make all the plans, bake potato gratin, fry the seven fishes — basically everything. While you do everything for everyone else this season, treat yourself to Juice Drench and a self-care moment that will go along way — for yoo. 

And not only are you wearing Juice Drench while you holiday, but because it’s the funnest hair mask ever, you’re going to gift it to your sister, cousin, mom, MIL, friends, group chats, teachers, coffee shop cuties — everyone. Or, my total holiday wish for all yous — grab Bundle of Treats, and when everyone comes over, you’ll all put your hair in a Juice Drench Bun and add it to the list of traditions this year. THAT is the magic. Add it to the tradition list! And, it goes really well with holiday PJs. I’d almost say that a hair mask bun is THE ONLY hair look for holiday PJs. ;) It’s so fresh…

Moment-making is baked into the DNA of Juice Drench. So join us in your hair mask bun, as we all make our traditions feel a little extra special this year. Sometimes the holidays are sweet, sometimes they’re glitzy, sometimes they’re awkward, and sometimes we need an ice breaker. So add to the fun or be the one to create it, gift yourself, gift someone — and go make memories in your Juice Drench Bun.

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