Our Story

Your hair has always been my thing. I grew up on the salon floor and started assisting hairdressers at 14. After twelve good years, I decided to turn hairdressing into a freelance gig — which means trims in your kitchen or mine — and began working in product development for a super cool hair care brand.

For five years, I spent my days conceptualizing new launches and my nights (and lots of weekends) slinging haircuts and highlights. I was into it, but I started noticing something: creative hair care brands were still using conventional, not-so-good ingredients and clean brands weren’t quite tapping into innovation yet. I wanted to build a brand that did both — a brand that valued clever ideas and innovation and that was of course, clean. A clean brand that was warm, friendly, and didn’t take themselves too seriously and a creative brand that was serious about being clean. Most importantly, a brand where every product was for everyone.

It was way more emotional than this but basically — I saw an opportunity and quit my job to build my own product line. Semi-financed by kitchen hair cash.

I’ve always thought that hair looks best as-is and if formulas were packed with good, quality ingredients (plants!), you’d get to use less of them on your hair. Your hair would be free to flow and be itself – you could look like you and stop hiding behind styling. I’m inspired by natural, slouchy styles with a few hairs out of place and I kind of encourage frizz halos. I also like to start fresh — I’m obsessed with clean, just-washed hair — definitely not into layers of product build-up. I’m a stylist, but I’m pretty much allergic to over-styled hair. We’re super casual here. I also know now, that you don’t have to trade in clean ingredients for creativity and vice versa.

So my line is called allyoos and it’s for all of you: the clean-leaning, creatively-inclined, curly, straight, thin, thick, full, frizzy, wavy and fro-y — who expect gentle, safe ingredients, but also geek out over cool ideas and innovation.

At allyoos, our values are old school and our thinking is forward. We’re obsessed with making clean beauty friendly and accessible, quality of formulations, and we call it like we see it. Our products are for all hairtypes, because good ingredients are good for everyone. So, like my grandparents would say, this right here is for all yous. We think you’ll love it.