Nice to meet you (yoos!).
Here’s a little bit about me and why you can kind of trust me with your hair… 

Your hair has always been my thing. I grew up on the salon floor and started assisting hairdressers at 14. After 12 fun years of styling and coloring, I decided to turn hairdressing into a freelance gig in NYC — which means trims in your kitchen or mine — and began working in product development for a super cool hair care brand.

Ever heard of Bumble and bumble? I spent my days at Bumble conceptualizing new launches and my nights (and lots of weekends) slinging haircuts and highlights. I was into it, but I started noticing something: creative hair care brands were still using conventional, not-so-great ingredients and clean brands weren’t tapping into innovation yet. I wanted to build a brand that did both — a brand that valued clever ideas and innovation, but with formulas that were cleaner, safer, better for all of us.

I’ve been plant-based for years and get so much joy out of cooking, juicing, and sourcing the best ingredients and cleanest brands for my family. Fruits, veggies, and flowers help our bodies, skin, scalp, and hair thrive, so it felt natural for me to pack our formulas with them. After years of talking to people about their hair health and 100 product recommendations later, it really comes down to this: when your hair is healthy and thriving, you get to do less to it. You can embrace your hair’s natural shape, texture, and uniqueness and begin to love wearing your hair. Our products are packed with plants and designed to truly support hair health so your hair can thrive naturally.

I’ve always thought that hair looks best as-is – natural is best, air-dried is best, gentle styling is best. If formulas are packed with good, quality ingredients (plants!!) your hair is truly supported and can grow and flow healthier and happier. Conventional chemicals are controlling and limiting. That is why it’s uncommon to find products that work well on all hair types. Real, whole ingredients are freeing. They soak, clean, treat, and style your hair the natural way – and like I always say, good ingredients are good for everyone, so let’s all use the same stuff. 

So my line is called allyoos and it’s for all of you: the clean-leaning, creatively-inclined, curly, straight, thin, thick, flat, full, frizzy, wavy and fro-y — who want clean, gentle products that support hair health the safe way – with the real stuff, with plants.

Like my grandparents would say, this right here is for all yous, I think you’ll love it, cousin.

Hugs and green juice,

PS: wear your hair.