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Give this and say this: “It’s this hair care brand I love! They’re clean, made by moms and sisters and friends, and their products totally brought out the best in my hair without gross, harsh chemicals. I’m obsessed.” 

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A Quick Clean and Juice Drench are your trusty go-tos. They are designed to bring out the best in your natural hair and introduce new, fun hair habits that you'll actually look forward to. 

The anytime, anywhere hair mask.

Juice Drench is a weekly hair mask that nourishes, softens, hydrates, and adds shine without the weight and greasy coating of heavy ingredients and silicones. Leave Juice Drench on anytime, anywhere — while you work, workout, run errands, pick-up the kids, cook, lounge, fly, etc., etc., etc. All the benefits you want out of a hair mask, but this time – it’s not annoying to use, won’t weigh you down, and will bring out the best in your natural hair.

The rinse you need in-between shampoo days and instead of dry shampoo. 

A Quick Clean is a gentle hair rinse that removes sweat, dirt, and oil from your scalp and root area without suds or stripping. Perfect for in-between shampoo days when you want to get your hair wet again to feel fresh, but don’t need the whole shampoo and conditioner routine.

A Quick Clean is the answer for you if you’re not a dry shampoo person, or if you want to start kicking your dry shampoo habit. We’ve created another way to clean your hair — a gentler option that rinses off build-up in-between shampoo days, instead of piling it on.

Safe For: 

Color-treated hair, chemically-treated hair, keratin-treated hair, hair extensions (avoid bond area) and relaxed hair. 

99% plant + water based and formulated without sulfates, silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrance and other harsh chemicals.