A Quick Clean

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Voted most essential product in our shower, this shampoo and dry shampoo alternative is a gentle way to rinse clean without suds or stripping – and we’ve been told…”best air-dry ever.”

What it is:
Sometimes you don’t need the whole shampoo and conditioner routine, and sometimes dry shampoo just doesn’t leave you feeling clean enough. A Quick Clean is a one-step rinse that gently cleanses your scalp and root area without suds or stripping. It’s gentler than shampoo, and leaves you feeling fresher than powdery dry shampoo. It’s 99.3% plant and water based with punchy ingredients like organic coconut water, organic avocado oil, aloe leaf juice and calendula flower extract – that all work to rinse your scalp and hair clean without leaving hair feeling raw, stripped, or overly-cleansed. Shampoo days are still necessary but adding A Quick Clean to your routine will give you a chance to take a suds-break, and still feel fresh and clean. Perfect for those in-between days. Use it on weekdays, after a workout, on vacation, on any fast-shower day – whenever you need a break from suds and stripping. It might become your new favorite way to wash your hair…

Why it’s magical:
Instead of stripping your hair with suds each wash day, alternating with a gentle cleanser like A Quick Clean will leave your hair and scalp feeling fresh and clean without over-cleansing and will help enhance hair’s shape.

Good to know:
Free-of silicones, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and more.
99.3% plant and water based. Dermatology and allergy tested. Cruelty-Free and Vegan. For all hair types and textures.

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