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Total Transparency Con't - Clean


Our clean beauty product developers work with chemists who specialize in the clean space – we like to call them “clean chemists”. Making clean formulations requires a whole new level thoughtfulness and awareness. Clean beauty is not about corporate technology, one or two story ingredients, or trademarked “complexes”. It’s about safe, feel-good formulations. If we launch it, it’s clean and it works. Make no mistake – there’s a new level of sophistication and intelligence required of clean beauty brands, which is why clean beauty is as smart as it gets.


Our formulas contain a blend of organic ingredients and alternatives to harsh chemicals. We don’t work exclusively with 100% organic ingredients for two reasons – it’s very hard to get the stability and performance you want and need out of 100% organic ingredients, and we believe there is more to formulas than just that organic seal of approval. They need to be safe, and they need contain ingredients that actually contribute to product performance. Also, hello – how about ingredients we can pronounce? Our brand scent is made up of a blend of essential oils. We had 300 essential oils to choose from – compared to the 3,000 options available when formulating with synthetic fragrance, or 600 when formulating with natural fragrance. It’s challenging to formulate with limited options, but it’s worth it. We balance organic ingredients, safe ingredients, and performance – that is, without a doubt, what makes our formulas super smart.


The cost of clean formulations is significantly higher than non-clean, or traditional formulations. That’s just the reality. Luckily the beauty industry has great margins. Traditional prestige beauty brands tend to have lower production costs, yet charge more. We decided that our margins are great enough - we don’t need to charge what everyone else does. Clean ingredients are a luxury, but we’re set on making our products accessible. It’s how we’re building our brand - and how we want to do business with you. 

Our Take on Clean

It’s no longer acceptable to remove parabens and sulfates and claim to be “clean”. These are super entry level claims that traditional brands have been making for years– long before “clean” was even a buzzword. And while we’re on the topic–we strongly believe that “clean” is not just another marketing ploy or box to check. If you want to really be considered clean, you must do the work to get your formulas there. We’re over the green washing, and so are the customers. They’re smarter than that. It’s time to step up. Here’s a glimpse of our free-ofs. Feel free to take notes.


Mineral Oils
PEG compounds
Natural and synthetic fragrance
Methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone
Coal tar hair dyes and coal tar ingredients
Animal bi-products
All ingredients listed on our banned ingredient list

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

EWG Verified
Cruelty Free
Formulated using organic ingredients
Formulated and filled in a certified organic lab
Hairdresser tested
Dermatology tested
Allergy tested