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How can I fit A Quick Wash into my routine?

Okay, let us paint you a picture. It’s Tuesday, you have meetings all day. You need to look “did” but again, it’s Tuesday. A Quick Wash is perfect for weekday hair. Your hair will feel fresh and clean, but you don’t need The Freshest Hair Of Your Life during the week. You need hair that feels and looks clean and presentable. You don’t need a full-blown shampoo and conditioner routine every day. You need a break. 

Let us paint you another picture–you’re not the dry shampoo type. You need to wash your hair often and don’t want to just cover-up with dry shampoo. A Quick Wash is perfect for people who want to feel clean, need an alternative to shampoo every day, and just don’t get clean enough from a dry shampoo. 

Another picture–you just finished a workout class, need to shower, but need to be at work in 5 minutes. A Quick Wash is a one-stepper. Faster than the traditional two-step shampoo and conditioner you’re used to. One and done, you’re out the door. Now you have time to grab a coffee. 

One more picture–and then we have to go. You’re a busy human. You’re a new mom, you’re a mom, you’re a frequent flyer, a woman on a mission, a person with a jam-packed schedule, or a self-care junkie. A Quick Wash is faster, gentler cleansing, and is just a new way to feel clean and save on suds and time.