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Bundle of Joy

Bundle of Joy

$45.90 $54.00

Fun, healthy hair habits this holiday season – just for yoo.

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Bundle of Fun

Bundle of Fun

$91.80 $108.00

Shiny, bouncy, happy, healthy hair awaits – one for them, one for yoo, all for yoo.

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Bundle of Cheer

$137.70 $162.00

Spread holiday vibes one happy hair day at a time – for yoo and your crew.

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Bundle of Love

Bundle of Love

$61.20 $72.00

The obsession is real! Spread love, share love, squirt love – if yoo know, yoo know.

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Bundle of Memories

Bundle of Memories

$76.50 $90.00

Do all your favorite holiday traditions in your Juice Drench Bun this year!  Juice Drench while yoo shop for presents, bake sweet treats, cook a holiday ham, Friendsgiving-prep, watch The Grinch, visit old friends, catch-up with the fam, lounge around, return stuff at the mall, go to Target with your mom, play dress-up with your kids – some for them, some for yoo, great times (and hair!) for all.

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Bundle of Treats

Bundle of Treats

$153.00 $180.00

The treatiest hair mask ever! For your friends, sisters, cousins, mom, mom-group-chat, neighbor, party host, teachers, coffee-shop-cuties – a little something that says hey, I love yoo.

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Allyoos Gift Card

The Gift Card


Give this and say this: “It’s this hair care brand I love! They’re clean, made my moms and sisters and friends, and their products totally brought out the best in my hair without gross, harsh chemicals. I’m obsessed.” 

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Allyoos gift wrap

The Gift Wrap


Super cute stuff to wrap your gifts in – we got yoo.

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