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Here’s the thing — we consider ourselves a clean beauty brand because we’ve done the work to get our formulas there. If you’re launching a beauty brand in 2018, you better be doing your ingredient homework. We know too much about bad ingredients to allow them in our formulas. It takes a lot longer, but we push our formulas to perform well with good stuff only. If it’s ew, it’s out. Clean beauty is smarter, safer, and is the future of beauty.

We most certainly do. You can check it out here.

We take lots of notes. Like, lots. Our banned list is a result of the research we have done on clean beauty retailers, brands, and organizations that we consider to be the benchmark for setting clean beauty standards today.

allyoos products are not 100% organic for a few reasons. When we first started conceptualizing, we made a list of everything we wanted to be. It was super important that our formulas contained organic ingredients — as many as possible. It was super important that our products are free-of everything on our banned list. And super important that we were certified cruelty-free and vegan. We have a huge respect for clean beauty retailers and brands that are setting the new standard for building better beauty.

For us it was a matter of making our formulas safe, clean, and effective. And actually clean. Not just free-of the buzzy marketing "nasties" like sulfates and parabens. We took it way further. We're kind of product development nerds who love a good challenge.

Our formulas contain organic and non-organic ingredients. Our formulas are free-of everything on our banned list, and are PETA Certified, Cruelty-Free and Vegan. That’s our brand. That’s our stand.

Yup. Our chemists have stamped our products gluten-free. But we are not certified gluten-free. 

Yup. Our chemists have stamped our formulas GMO-free. But we are not certified GMO-free.


allyoos products are made for all hair types. The way we see it, good ingredients are good for everyone. Some ingredients are considered “dirty”, so we don’t use them. But some of those same “dirty” ingredients are also only good for certain hairtypes, so again, we don’t use them. For example — products that contain silicones are usually geared towards thicker hair. Well, we don’t use ingredients like silicone. Products that contain sulfates are usually geared towards thinner hair. Well, we don’t use ingredients like sulfates. We don’t use “dirty” ingredients and we don’t use things that work for some and not for all. This is our take — if you have thinner hair, maybe you use less. If you have thicker hair, maybe you use more. But really, let’s all use the same stuff.

Hell-to-the-no. We test on humans only and so do our testing facilities. We're also PETA Certified, Vegan and Cruelty-Free. 

Okay, let us paint you a picture. It’s Tuesday and you have meetings all day. You need to look like you have it all together, but again, it’s just a Tuesday. A Quick Clean is perfect for weekday hair. It's ideal for days you want to feel fresh and clean, but don’t necessarily need The Freshest Hair Of Your Life, especially during the week. What you need is hair that's presentable. What you don’t need is a full-blown shampoo and conditioner routine every day. What you need is a break.  

Let us paint you another picture — you’re not the dry shampoo type. You need to wash your hair often and don’t want to just cover-up with dry shampoo. A Quick Clean is perfect for people who want to feel clean, need an alternative to shampoo every day, and just don’t get clean enough from a dry shampoo. 

Another picture — you just finished a workout class, need to shower, but need to be at work in 1 minute. A Quick Clean is a one-stepper. Faster than the traditional two-step shampoo and conditioner you’re used to. One and done, you’re out the door. Now you have time to grab a coffee. 

One more picture, and then we have to go. You’re a busy human. You’re a new mom, you’re a mom, you’re a frequent flyer, a woman on a mission, a person with a jam-packed schedule, or a self-care junkie. A Quick Clean is faster, gentler cleansing, and is just a new way to feel clean and save on suds and time. 

Let us paint you a picture. Your hair needs a boost, some extra care, some attention. You wish your hair could benefit from “juicing” the way your body does. Juice Drench is perfect for soaking hair in super-punchy ingredients you know and love rather than silicones and heavy waxes that just “mask” damaged hair. Perfect for when you want to give your hair a treat. You can really use it anytime, anywhere. 

Another picture — you’re planning a long-ish shower because you have things to do besides shampoo. Layer on Juice Drench while you handle your business. At least your strands will get a quick treatment while you’re doing your thing, instead of just sticking to you back, ew. Or let’s say you have an aggressive Saturday planned. You’re working out, you’re running errands, you’re food shopping. Apply Juice Drench to strands before you start your day so your hair can get some werk done while you get your work done. Also, it’ll look even better for whatever you have planned Saturday night. 

One more picture — it’s your self-care day. You have PLANS. You got your goop bath salts on deck, your face mask is ON. Apply Juice Drench to strands while you bathe, putz around, lounge around, meal prep, make a Sunday sauce, whatever. 

Wait, one more picture — you don’t have a ton of meetings at work, so you can wear your hair in a chic, slicked back bun. Apply Juice Drench. Let it sit in all the workday long. If your hair is up, it may as well have a treatment in it. Why not? It’s like, you’re juicing at work. Except, your hair is juicing at work. So you’re not cranky. Wow, you’re literally giving your hair a raise. Wow, now you need a raise. Go ask for a raise. Juice Drench just got you a raise. Shout out to Juice Drench. You’re rich! 


While we don’t have a consumer testing budget, we do have clients, friends at The Wing, our favorite Yoga teachers, friends and family, friends of friends and family — essentially real people with all different hair types and textures who were ready and willing to try us out and give us their honest feedback. We’re lucky.

The thing about allyoos is we wanted to fill the gap between creative haircare and clean haircare. There are a bunch of conventional haircare brands launching cool ideas. And there are a bunch of emerging clean brands that are up-to-speed on safe and healthy ingredients. But we wanted to be the haircare brand that did both. We’re super keen on ideating and brainstorming out-of-the-box concepts and when we turn ideas into formulas, we make sure they’re clean. But big ups to all the haircare brands out there. We wouldn’t be here without them. And one more thing — we give you our grandparent's Sunday Sauce recipe. Pretty cool, no?

Returns and Exchanges

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allyoos accepts returns within 365 days of receiving you order.

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