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Clean Product Development
x Clean Chemists

= Product Nirvana

We study all industries from food and wellness to apparel and luggage. We gather tons of ingredient inspiration, imagine a cool, creative product, write a concept, and brief our clean chemists.

We send our essential oil blenders inspiration for scent. They send us a bunch of options and we take 1,000 polls (not really 1,000). We ship the winners off to our lab to make sure the same scent smells great in each formula base. Then we pick our favorite.

We formulate using EWG Verified and organic ingredients–and our clean chemists follow our formulating guidelines. We run a tight ship over here at allyoos. If its ew, it’s out.

We review multiple (multiple!) rounds of product submissions to test for performance.

We give out samples to all hair types all over the city–our favorite baristas at Eataly, our Yoga teachers, our coworkers at The Wing, friends, family, friends of friends and family and our kitchen clients.

We run each of our product ingredients through the following valued sources: EWG Unacceptable List, EWG Restricted List, and our own formulating guidelines –which is a combination of our own research + the ingredient lists banned by our trusted clean beauty retailers and the clean benchmark brands that we admire.

Once a formula is approved for performance and aesthetics, we send all final ingredient lists to EWG for their approval. Organic ingredients matter, but just like food, the full ingredient list matters most.

Next, we send formula bulk to our safety, micro, and compatibility labs for testing.

All testing is done on formulas in glass jars and on humans only. When all testing is approved, we go to production.

We manufacture and fill formulas in a Certified Organic lab in Southern California. The same lab where our clean chemists work on formulations.

As we’re working out the kinks in our formulas, our initial concept is evolving and we begin to establish a unique positioning. This involves writing clear, concise copy that’s smart and authentic to us–because we know you’ve heard it all before.

We’re not big on claims, so neither is our copy. We know that our ingredients will do good by your hair and we see no need to overpromise. Our consumer doesn't need 2X more hair, nor do they want 2X the volume. And if 95% of women think they their hair feels smoother–great, but we’re not into that. We invest in product development and trust that performance will speak for itself.

Our launch calendar evolves based on our inspiration and how we want to surprise our consumers. We introduce new products in a thoughtful, purposeful way. We don’t launch to satisfy a marketing calendar, we do so to delight our customers.