A Quick Clean

Gentler than shampoo, fresher than dry shampoo.

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Sometimes you don’t need the whole shampoo and conditioner routine, and sometimes dry shampoo just doesn’t leave you feeling clean enough. A Quick Clean is a one-step rinse that gently cleanses your scalp and root area without suds or stripping. It’s gentler than shampoo, and leaves you feeling fresher than powdery dry shampoo. It’s packed with 81% plant-derived content and punchy ingredients like Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, and Aloe Leaf Juice – that all work to rinse the scalp and hair clean without leaving hair feeling raw, stripped, or overly-cleansed. Shampoo days are still necessary, but adding A Quick Clean to your routine will give you a chance to take a suds-break, and still feel fresh and clean. Perfect for those in-between days. We like to think of it as a quick body shower, but for your hair – and since your hair is cleansed ever-so-gently, you'll probably have the best air-dry ever. Use it on weekdays, after a workout, on vacation, on fast-shower days, whenever – because sometimes all you really need is a quick clean.

A Quick Clean is for all hair shapes and textures. It is good for hair that is:

✔ Thin

✔ Thick

✔ Coarse

✔ Straight

✔ Wavy

✔ Curly

✔ Coily

✔ Color-treated

Commit to your hair wellness routine.

Size: 9 fl. oz. (275 ml)

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