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How can I fit A Juice Drench into my routine?

Let us paint you a picture. Your hair needs a boost, some extra care, some attention. You wish your hair could benefit from “juicing” the way your body does. A Juice Drench is perfect for soaking hair in amazing ingredients you know and love rather than silicones and heavy waxes that just “mask” damaged hair. Perfect for when you want to give your hair a treat. You can really use it anytime, anywhere. 

Another picture–you’re planning a long-ish shower because you have things to do besides shampoo. Layer on A Juice Drench while you handle your business. At least your strands will get a quick treatment while you’re doing your thing, instead of just sticking to you back, ew. Or let’s say you have an aggressive Saturday planned. You’re working out, you’re running errands, you’re food shopping. Apply A Juice Drench to strands before you start your day so your hair can get some werk done while you get your work done. Also, it’ll look even better for whatever you have planned Saturday night. 

One more picture–it’s your self-care day. You have PLANS. You got your goop bath salts on deck, your face mask is ON. Apply A Juice Drench to strands while you bathe, putz around, lounge around, whatever. 

Wait, one more picture–you don’t have a ton of meetings at work, so you can wear your hair in a chic, slicked back bun. Apply A Juice Drench. Let it sit in all the workday long. If your hair is up, it may as well have a treatment in it. Why not? It’s like, you’re juicing at work. Except, your hair is juicing at work. So you’re not cranky. Wow, you’re literally giving your hair a raise. Wow, now you need a raise. A Juice Drench just got you a raise. Shout out to A Juice Drench. You’re rich!